November 12, 2017

Heart Prints

Having some fun with prints. Even Luna  (my cat) got into it lol.

October 22, 2017

Me Too

Everyday I get off the train and walk to my job, I pass by the same group of men, and without fail they always have something to say. 

I grew up accustomed to this. With having to walk passed grown men saying things to me. I would always be told ignore them, they drunk it’s what they do. And all I could think was how is this ok? 

I use to dress like a boy cause I was a tomboy. Then I wore a tank top and the comments began. I couldn’t be comfortable anymore. I had to dress to avoid the words. No shorts or skirts. I didn’t wanna hear what these men had to say.

I grew up surrounded by boys. The same boys who taught me to fight and defend myself and in the end I think they knew those skills would be used against one of them. 

And they was right. The safety of being alone with someone I thought as a friend disappeared in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t even say anything, because I was made to believe it twas my fault. And worse for fighting back. I haven’t been able to speak about this for years. Cause once I told someone I was blamed. And he walks free.

I grew up watching my guy friends degrade and mistreat their girlfriends, yet tell me what they would do to a guy who does that to me. I never understood that hypocrisy. 

I met a guy recently and he called me stupid without reason. He sent me a pic of himself. I’ll know what his penis will look like before his smile. 

I say Me Too and wish I didn’t have to. I wish I didn’t have a story to share but sadly I have more than one. This harassment, this violence, it’s not ok. But we live in a world where it is. 

July 17, 2017

Planet X 7/15/17

Saturday night was another big night for me, as I presented 2 pieces at the Planet X: All Female Lifestyle Art Show. This being my 2nd show I was looking forward to seeing other female artists present their work. Thank you to everyone who came thru, the love is always appreciated. Also thank you The NYC Grind, Manifesto and the Ladies of Hip Hop for putting on a dope ass event. Can't wait for the next one!!

If you have any pictures or any questions about my work feel free to email:

You can also find me on instagram @b_quinn_ and snapchat as Baba_Ruski 

Here are some pictures of the night:

Click here to view my snaps!!! 

These are the 2 pieces I had up for the show. If interested in prices please email: 

"Sting of Justice"
Acrylic and watercolor on canvas (5x7).
June 2017

Acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels on canvas (8x8).
April 2017

June 26, 2017

Trying something new

So sometime last year I bought a stamp making kit and recently tried to get into it. Still a work in progress, but would like to create a series.

Obviously my first project I decided to begin carving a heart. Here's what I've done so far.

For my next stamp what should I make? I'll happily accept suggestions in the comments section.

Update: If you see anything thing you like and would like inquiry on a price please email 


May 23, 2017

Art stings the Mind

I took an art class in Grad School a few years back. We practiced our strokes and created our underpainting. My Professor said this was our chance to paint whatever came to mind. I took my brush and started. It came to me naturally and I worked throughout the whole class. Making sure it was exactly as I pictured in my mind. Then he said "time's up".

The whole class was allowed to walk to around and look at what everyone worked on. Some were unfinished, and at each table my Professor would point out something that stood out. Then they reached my table.

"Now here is something that will keep me up at night. I can't help but question what is going through this person's head". My Professor held it up and in the back of the crowd was a laugh. My own. Strange looks from my classmates, but at that moment I didn't care. I knew I did something that made someone think, and isn't that what art is about? Making other's feel and think something out of the ordinary?

Sting of Justice, 2014.
Water color paint on watercolor paper

April 18, 2017

April 3, 2017


"Heart Study" 11/10/14 (Oil pastels on paper)

"Heart Study 2: Heart in Darkness" 12/30/14 (Oil pastels on paper)

"Veins" 10/2015 (Acrylic and watercolor on watercolor paper)

"Bleeding Heart" 12/19/16 (Acrylic on watercolor paper)